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Profile of Art Dealer: Philip Nguyễn

An art investor, an art sponsored person, an art projector, an experienced person of art auction event.

A former student  of the Sotheby of Art Institute, Sotheby’s New York

A former student of PhD of banking from Tarlac State University, Phillipin & Hong Kong

An investor of the stock market. A person  worked in banking sector 17 years


2014 year:

·                                      Exhibition:

o   Lê Đình Quỳ (1940) at 29 Hàng Bài str, Hà Nội, from 12-19th, May with one hundred paintings and scupltures;

o   Nguyễn Lê Tân (1974) plan in Sep 2014;

o   Đinh Châu Minh (1969) plan in Aug 2014;

o   Bùi Xuân Phái (1920-1988) and Nguyễn Gia Trí (1908-1993) plan in Oct, 2014.

·                                      Auction:

o   Co-organize with some collectors, galleries a private auction of painting of some artists of period of Indochina as Bùi Xuân Phái (1920-1988), Nguyễn Gia Trí (1908-1993), Lê Phổ (1907-2001) and others, plan on Oct, 2014.

·                                      Art dealer career:

o   Start running art business through website;

o   Promote , sale and collect  the artworks of Lê Đình Quỳ (1940), Nguyễn Lê Tân (1974), Đinh Châu Minh (1969), Bùi Văn Khoa (1948), Trần Mạnh Hùng (1978), Lê Đức Biết (1948), Trịnh Hữu Ngọc (…);

o   Co-oporate with some collectors and galleries;

o   Join the Hong Kong Fine Art Fair on Oct, 2014 (plan).

·                                      Art academic self-training: 

o   write news, papers of fine art market for VietnamPlus (Vietnam Agency), Vietnamfineart (The Fine Art Association) , World and Vietnam (Foreign Ministry of Vietnam),


2013 year:

·                                      Exhibition:

o   Lê Đức Biết (1948) at Coffee 55 Trần Quốc Toản str, Hà Nội, from 26th Apr to 2nd May, with a collection of sketches of war (1968-1972);

o   Lê Đức Biết at FLC Tower, Hà Nội, from Sep to Dec, 2013, with 40 paintings.

·                                      Auction:

o   Organized an auction of painting of Lê Đức Biết artist at head office of FLC group, Hà Nội, on 20th Oct, 2013

·                                      Art dealer career:

o   Promote, sale and collect the artworks of Lê Đức Biết, Nguyễn Lê Tân, Trần Mạnh Hùng, Bùi Văn Khoa;

o   Joined the Hong Kong Fine Art Fair and Sotheby’s Auction event on Oct, 2013. Met some galleries in Hong Kong on June, 2013.

·                                      Art academic self-training: 

o   Gained 3 certificates from three online courses at Sotheby of Art Institute, Sotheby’s: Understanding the Law of Art Business,  Art as the Alternative Investment, Understanding the trend of Art Business, from Mar to Oct, 2013;

o   Translated and wrote about 50 papers and 100 news of art to up load website and presses as above.


2012 year:

·                             Exhibition:

o   Built and invest an art project (2011-2012) and organized the exhibition of 21 paintings and one sculpture commemorating one year of death day of the  former CEO Steve P. Jobs of Apple Inc.,  from 05th  to 07th Oct 2012, at The National Library, Hanoi with Bùi Văn Khoa painter (1948) and Lê Đình Quỳ sculptor (1940);

o   Presented about marketing spirit of Steve Jobs at the Economic College of National University (June, 2012), at the head office of Goldsun Media Group (July, 2012), at the FPT University of FPT Group (Nov, 2012);

·                            Auction:

o   Organized an auction of 25 painting of Lê Đức Biết and Lê Đình Quỳ at coffee shop, 8 Nam Ngư str, Hà Nội on 16th June 2012

·                           Art delaer career:

o   Sponsored and co-organized  with FPT Group,VietnamPlus, The World & Vietnam press a contest of designing a book of painting of Steve P.Jobs.

o   Promoted, sale and collected art work of Lê Đức Biết, Lê Đình Quỳ;


2011 year:

·                            Exhibition:

o   A first time orgnized a exhibition with a owned collection of sketches of war (1969-1971) of Lê Đức Biết painter in two ancient churches Phát Diệm, Ninh Binh province and Hàm Long, Hanoi during time of Christmas and New Year. With a purpose of showing the contribution of Christian women in the war of Vietnam and America

·                           Art delaer career:

o   Persuaded the Fathers of two Churches in two provinces to exhibit artworks.

o   Collected continuously artworks of Lê Đức Biết.